Media published the Chapter of the report Yashin about the participation of the army «Kadyrovites» in the fighting in the Donbass

On February 22 edition of the New Times has published one of the chapters of the expert report «a Threat to national security», prepared for the anniversary of the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov of his colleague Ilya Yashin.

Published the Chapter is called «Private army». It described the state of Affairs in power structures of Chechnya and participation «Kadyrovites» in the fighting in the Donbass.

Yashin writes that in Chechnya a regional army is perhaps the most capable military group in modern Russia. The number of armed «Kadyrov’s men», according to experts, is close to 30 thousand. A considerable part of them is technically the employees of the interior Ministry and employees of Internal troops of the Russian Federation.

«In fact acting on the territory of the Chechen armed groups are not dependent on Federal authorities and loyal only to the President of Chechnya. Only in Chechnya, the Kremlin has permitted the establishment of local units controlled by de facto the head of the Republic», — stated in the report.

«The core of power structures of Chechnya are former separatists, who were pardoned by the decision of the head of the Republic. He also provided them the opportunity to again take up arms, but under his control. Thus, who fought with the Russian army, the militants are obliged to Kadyrov not only for its location and salary, but also their freedom and lives», — said in the report.

Also Yashin writes that during the armed conflict in the Donbas against Ukrainian forces were acting large bodies of fighters from Chechnya.

In 2014 there was documentary evidence of the establishment on the territory of Donbass separate Chechen battalion «Death», formed of veterans of power structures of Kadyrov. The soldiers of this battalion, in particular, took part in the battle for the airport Donetsk and Ilovaysk.

In recent years, militants have intensified Kadyrov and Moscow, the report said.

«But if in Chechnya, their main task is to protect the regime of his boss, then the rest of Russia, they begin to perceive as a potential production,» — wrote Yashin.

So, apart from the protection friendly Kadyrov businessmen and politicians «the Chechen Department,» the FSB in Moscow provided force protection and criminal «authorities».

The full report will be presented on Tuesday, February 23.

Note, in the spring of 2015 Yashin announced the completion of the report «Putin. War», outlining the details of the investigation into Nemtsov regarding the participation of Russian troops in the conflict in Ukraine and supporting separatist fighters from Moscow. On 12 may there was a presentation. The report consists of 12 chapters and covers all aspects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Media published the Chapter of the report Yashin about the participation of the army «Kadyrovites» in the fighting in the Donbass 23.02.2016

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