Media published a letter of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation from threats due to Ukrainian missile exercises

Appeared to confirm threats of the Ministry of defense of Russia addressed to the Ukrainian defense Department for missile exercises near Crimea. The text of the letter addressed to the military attaché at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation, published by «the Ukrainian truth».

«The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation warns that upon detection of a launched missile in the area they will be destroyed by the air defense forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation», — said in the letter.

«If launched, the missiles would pose a threat to Russian objects in the area of the territory of the Russian Federation (on land, at sea and in the air), would be dealt a retaliatory strike for the destruction of their means of launch,» added the defense Ministry.

The Russian air force can destroy the Ukrainian missiles if they are launched in areas near the Crimea, which Russia considers «their territory». Corresponding message of the Russian defense Ministry appeared in the text of notification on the system informing pilots of the NOTAM, writes UNIAN.

It is noted that the published message in response to the establishment of Ukraine in connection with the alleged missile firing threat to flight zones 1 and 2 December in the areas of flight information «Odessa» «Simferopol».

In response to the message «the defense Ministry warned that missiles launched in those areas will be destroyed by the air force of the Russian Federation».

«If the missiles will threaten the objects of the Russian Federation on the territory (on land, in water or in the air), will be struck by launchers», — it is noted in the NOTAMs.

The notification is valid from 9.30 UTC (11.30 CET) on 1 December 2016 to 11.30 UTC (13.30 CET) on 1 December 2016.

As reported, on December 1-2, in the South of Ukraine planned exercises of Air forces of Armed forces of Ukraine, during which will be carried out aerial firing.

The media, citing sources in the defense Ministry of Ukraine reported that in the case of Ukraine’s missile firings near the temporarily occupied Crimea Russia threatens Kiev missile strike. In a letter dated November 26, in particular, says that if Ukraine will hold such fire, the Russian side, first, will bring down the Ukrainian rocket, and, second, a blow to the Ukrainian launchers.

In response, the Secretary of the Board natsionalnoy security and defence of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov has asked the Federation not to panic because of the rocket firing Ukraine. He stressed that the missile tests Ukraine will hold under all international obligations and treaties in its sovereign airspace.

November 30, the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko said that the Russian threats may not prevent Ukraine’s plans for military exercises.

In turn, the Deputy Minister of defence of Ukraine — chief of staff Colonel-General Alexander Dublyany did not answer the question, I would cancel Ukraine firing in connection with the alleged threats to Russia.

«Now, now, this question can not answer because the timing of the firings defined on December 1-2,» — said Dublyany.

Media published a letter of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation from threats due to Ukrainian missile exercises 01.12.2016

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