Media: Poltorak Yatsenyuk awarded the gangster machine gun, and Turchynov — the Mauser

Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak has awarded weapons to the Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, several Ministers, the NSDC Secretary and several MPs.

Relevant extracts from the order of the Ministry of defence has published on his page in Facebook the journalist Cristina malazoniya.

«In the list of Poltorak no random people: judges, prosecutors, commercial Director of the people’s deputies», — stated in the message.

In particular, in may 2015 Poltorak was awarded arms «for outstanding achievements in ensuring the country’s defense, strengthening of national safety, exemplary performance of duty and the professionalism, honor and valor» Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

He got 11,43 mm submachine gun Tompson sample 1928 and 203 of the cartridge.

The Minister of justice Pavlo Petrenko , and interior Minister Arsen Avakov received as award weapons the Colts M1911, and 84, and 140 rounds, respectively.

NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov got a gun To Mauser 7,63 mm and 96 and 105 cartridges.

The MP, a close associate of the President Igor Kononenko received from the Minister of defence 9 mm FORT 21.02 and 15 rounds of ammunition.

«Among the entire list of «favorite» black sheep looks like a gym teacher Kurucz Alexander Fedorovich. Last, was a classmate Stepan Poltorak. The Minister gave the childhood friend GLOCK 17 and 200 rounds of ammunition», — stated in the message.


Thompson suddenly made itself felt during the famous prohibition in the United States. Having received the informal name «Tommy gun», it was used by American gangsters. Machine turned from antigangster in the weapon of gang wars, becoming their main hero and proved itself from the best side. In particular, the «Tommy-Gana» was used in the «Massacre on Valentine’s day» that resounded on all States 14 February 1929 in Chicago.

In order to fight with gangsters on equal terms, «the Thompsons,» armed police, FBI agents and postal service and the Coast guard.

Media: Poltorak Yatsenyuk awarded the gangster machine gun, and Turchynov — the Mauser 23.02.2016

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