Media: militants rounded up people for the funeral Givi

The inhabitants of the occupied Donetsk, Gorlovka and Makeyevka rounded up 10 Feb for the funeral of liquidated militants Givi. About it reported sources in Donetsk, reports LigaBusinessInform.

According to the publication, in some universities students specifically exempt from the class to ensure attendance.

«Many will go, as said check lists. I personally do not, they want to make a picture for Russian media, regular show, how with Motorola,» said one of the students.

According to him, this applies to University professors.

«I’ve heard that with each group of elders was given the order to collect some minimum people, well, as you know, some of them are really sympathetic,» added the student.

So «public sector» of Donetsk was ordered to appear at the farewell ceremony for the commander of the gang «Somalia». «Otherwise, he said that he would be fired,» – said donchanka.

She said that all her friends, colleagues gather near the Opera and ballet theatre in Donetsk from 10:00 to 12:00.

Mikhail Tolstykh with the Callsign Givi going to bury in the cemetery near Donetsk sea near terrorist Arsen Pavlov («Motorola»).

The theatre has gathered a lot of Pro-Russian «mercenaries».

Media: militants rounded up people for the funeral Givi 10.02.2017

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