Media: Merkel, Poroshenko promised not to negotiate behind Kiev

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has assured President Petro Poroshenko that will not allow any geopolitical agreements in Ukraine, which ignore the position of Kiev. This is with reference to own sources reported in an article for DT.UA Sergey Rakhmanin.

«During the recent visit of Peter Poroshenko in Berlin, Angela Merkel (according to sources) assured the Ukrainian President that will not allow any foreign agreements behind the back of Ukraine. The probability of re-election for the role of the Federal Chancellor, as before, is high, and the presence of such an ally for Ukraine — an important circumstance,» — he stressed.

According to the author, in the near future Germany might be the only «big» ally of Ukraine.

The author also reports that the Ukrainian side will send to the talks with a new U.S. administration and the ex-head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin.

«To our knowledge, to build bridges with the White house in the States send Boris Lozhkin. Presumably, with a package of initiatives (including commercial),» — said in the article.

«Trumpis a businessman, and you can try to interest him as a merchant. Sadly, if the Ukrainian government will try to interest trump personally (which, unfortunately, is quite possible). It is necessary that trump realized than USA interesting, useful and beneficial to Ukraine. Altruistic, he just will not» — says the journalist.

As reported, Poroshenko visited Germany on an official visit January 30th. He interrupted the visit in connection with the threat of a humanitarian disaster in the plant.

Media: Merkel, Poroshenko promised not to negotiate behind Kiev 05.02.2017

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