Media: Medvedchuk allow you to fly to Moscow to bypass the ban on direct flights

Direct flights between Ukraine and Russia is forbidden, however, for the special representative of Ukraine in the sub-group on humanitarian issues of the Trilateral contact group of Viktor Medvedchuk , both countries make exceptions, said the investigation of the program «Schemes».

Journalists «Schemes» have documented that direct flights to Moscow Medvedchuk carried out three times. In particular, he was seen at the airport «Kiev» on the evening of 14 November 2016. Journalists recorded no direct flights are available using a tracking service Flightradar, as well as fixed output Medvedchuk, accompanied by unidentified group aboard flew from Moscow the aircraft and then from the terminal of airport «Kiev».

Twice the journalists recorded as the Falcon 900, which uses Medvedchuk, has made direct flights in the Russian Federation: on 9 September (flight «Kyiv-Moscow») and October 23 (Falcon 900 appears on Flightradar from Anapa (Russia), overfly East Ukraine through Bryansk oblast crosses the border with Ukraine, and half an hour later the Board lands in Kiev and its passengers are Medvedchuk and his wife Oksana Marchenko).

Reporters noted that during 4 months of observations of all other private aircraft for flights to Moscow and other Russian cities have used land at the airport Gomel (Belarus).

The Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan confirmed «Schemes» that the cessation of direct flights from Russian Federation applies to private planes. «This ban applies to aircraft registration Ukrainian or Russian — or, say, if you have the certificate of the operator in Russia or in Ukraine. At the same time, theoretically, the aircraft of another guest, upon receiving the consent of the Russian and Ukrainian authorities to carry out flights between the two countries. In fact, in 99 percent of cases, these flights are not coordinated, so the communication goes via Minsk or other States,» — said Omeljan.

Reporters noted that a Falcon 900 with tail number P4-GEM, which is used by Medvedchuk, was on the island of Aruba (Netherlands).

In a press-service of public organization «the Ukrainian choice — the right of the people», which is led by Medvedchuk, at the request of the program «Schemes» reported that permission for direct flights from Ukrainian and Russian authorities Medvedchuk gets to formal negotiations.

«Given the business and humanitarian nature of the trips, aimed at the implementation of Ukraine’s interests, such authorization for travel is provided by the competent authorities for the control of aircraft movement from the Russian and Ukrainian sides,» — said the press service.

As reported, the air communication between Ukraine and Russia was suspended from 00:00 on 25 October 2015 due to the imposed sanctions against a number of Russian airlines.

President Petro Poroshenko ‘s decree of September 16, enacted the NSDC decision of September 2, 2015 «On the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)», under which fall a number of Russian airlines, including the largest – «Aeroflot».

Similar sanctions, in particular, was imposed on heavyconbill of the Russian Federation «224 flight detachment», «VIM-Avia», «Gazprom-Avia» and «Donavia», «Kogalymavia», «Orenburg airlines», «Flight», Red Wings, «Russia», «Rusdzhet», «Rusline», «Siberia», «Transaero», «Ural airlines», «Yakutia», «Yamal».

The decision to ban flights of Russian airlines Ukraine, the Cabinet adopted on 25 September 2015.

The Ministry of transport has fulfilled all the necessary procedures for notice of Russian airlines on entered against them sanctions from the Ukraine — all have fallen under the sanctions to airlines was sent out appropriate letters of notification.

29 September 2015 it became known that the Federal air transport Agency informed airlines of Ukraine on the introduction of a ban on the use of airspace of the Russian Federation from 25 October 2015.

The Ministry of transport of Ukraine on October 1, 2015 was sent to the Federal air transport Agency letter to clarify what caused the introduction of sanctions against Ukrainian airlines.

Media: Medvedchuk allow you to fly to Moscow to bypass the ban on direct flights 18.11.2016

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