Media: Lozhkin can do the first Vice-Premier

The head of the presidential Administration Borys Lozhkin may be appointed as first Deputy Prime Minister for reform and the economy, the possibility that he will combine the post of Minister of economy. About it «the Ukrainian truth» was reported by three independent from each other source in the environment up.

Thus, according to interlocutors, the issue of appointment of Lozhkin discussed the night before in the AP. The combination of Vice Prime Minister with the post of Minister of economy is possible only after acceptance of the resignation of Aivaras Abromavicius.

The interlocutors reported that Lozhkin is not against the appointment. The Lozhkin on request «ck» comment, not responded.

In turn, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk agree on the appointment of Lozhkin first Deputy Prime Minister with the proviso that the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers will not try to influence people’s deputies Igor Kononenko and current Deputy head of the AP Vitaliy Kovalchuk.

Earlier it was reported that the post of first Deputy Prime Minister claims itself Vitaliy Kovalchuk, his candidacy was discussed in the AP and it’s his personal desire.

However, according to interlocutors, Yatsenyuk spoke out against his candidacy.

Media: Lozhkin can do the first Vice-Premier 19.02.2016

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