Media: Kluev should Ukreximbank 8.6 billion hryvnias

PJSC «State export-import Bank of Ukraine» charge 8,59 billion UAH CJSC «active-Insurance».

This is evidenced by the decision of Economic court of Kiev from March 15, reports «Our pennies».

In 2009, «Ukreximbank» and JSC «semiconductor Plant» signed a General loan agreement. Under the agreement, semiconductor Plant received six credits in the Bank.

The guarantor of the borrower under the credit agreement with the Bank CJSC «active-Insurance», which has jointly and severally undertaken to meet commitments, including to reimburse the loan, interest, penalties and the like. The Bank has the right to demand repayment of the debt as against both the debtors and from any one of them separately.

Today the Plant remains the debt of semiconductors 109,05 million euros, 224,10 million dollars and 528,09 million. In sum, this is equivalent to 8,59 billion USD.

In 2015 the subject of any bankruptcy of Factory of semiconductors.

The Bank sent CJSC «active-Insurance» requirement of repayment of debts of Factory of semiconductors, but the company was not satisfied.

The court granted the Ukreximbank and issued a decision to recover the debt.

CJSC «active-Insurance» designed at JSC «Ukrpodshipnik», owned by the Austrian company «SLAV Handel, Vertretung und Beteiligung Aktiengesellschaft». Shareholders of the latter are Sergei and Andrei Kluev.

In 2015, the property of the people’s Deputy Serhiy Klyuev was arrested by court at the suit of the Prosecutor General within the investigation of the misappropriation of 170 million USD. state funds allocated as compensation of interest on loans JSC «Plant of semiconductors».

According to media reports, in March this year SLAV Handel filed with the Arbitration court of Vienna for bankruptcy. One of the causes of bankruptcy are called European Union sanctions in respect of Kliuev brothers.

More than 100 million euros, the company owed the Chinese government the concern of CNBM International. It was also reported that the SLAV has no liquid assets to satisfy the claims of creditors and the value of its assets is about 80 million euros. This plants heavy industry located in the area of ATO in Eastern Ukraine.

Media: Kluev should Ukreximbank 8.6 billion hryvnias 07.04.2016

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