Media: in Odessa detained one of the organizers of the separatist movement «Porto-Franco»

Employees of the security service of Ukraine together with the activists of the organization «Oberig» was detained today, February 22, in the cottage «Sauvignon» citizen Alexei Tsvetkov, seemingly the leader of the movement «For Porto-Franco».

This writes the Duma.

According to the newspaper, Flowers and his colleagues tried to hold in the village a regular meeting of its pseudowire with separatist orientation. «Portmanteau» blocked the activists from the organization «Oberig», which caused the police and the security service. Right keepers took Tsvetkova and another woman who organized the crowd. It is known that during the Euromaidan events she carried «aunts» to Kiev — to defend the regime of Yanukovych.

Flowers also passes on the case of attempt ads «Bessarabian people’s Republic».

The detainees will be charged under the 110th article of the criminal code — «violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine». It is noted that Flowers is associated with one of the people’s deputies of Ukraine.

We will remind, large-scale special operation on neutralization of paid FSB fake «the Bessarabian» was conducted by the security service of Ukraine April 29 — may 1, 2015.

Were seized computer equipment and storage media for electronic files relating to the establishment and operation of the illegitimate entities, e financial statements.

Parallel carried out a series of counter-terrorism measures aimed at prevent the preparation and Commission of crimes.

Conducted 19 searches. Discovered and seized a large Arsenal of weapons, including AK-74, RGD-5 grenades and f-1 airsoft rifles AKM and AKSU, ammo, uniforms and military ammunition of the Russian production samples, edged weapons, stun guns, propaganda materials, communications equipment, media, materials, confirming the preparations for the large-scale provocations (notebooks, record amounts of money spent on preparations for the stock), confirming the involvement of detainees in illegal activity.

Media: in Odessa detained one of the organizers of the separatist movement «Porto-Franco» 23.02.2016

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