Media: in addition to the commander of Land forces Pushnyakov, fired several generals. The Reason Is Svatovo

In addition to the commander of the Land forces of Ukraine Anatoliy Pushnyakov, of resignation which became known on Thursday that their jobs will lose some more generals.

It is reported ЛІГА.net with reference to its sources in the General staff and the defense Ministry.

According to the newspaper, also go Pushnyakov and first Deputy Sergey Bessarab, Deputy chief of the General staff Vladimir Hegyi, commander of the engineering troops of the armed forces of Ukraine Nikolay Kravchuk and the head of the Main Directorate for work with personnel of armed forces of Ukraine Ivan Chubenko.

The report said that the number of fired generals can still increase.

The source added that Higy «voluntarily» refused to leave and on it will be carried out all necessary certification work.

«Recertification will be lustration. Well, do not want to voluntarily leave forcibly,» he said.

The newspaper’s sources also believe that actually the question of these dismissals were decided by the President.

The immediate cause of the resignations, the news Agency called the explosion of ammunition in Svatovo Luhansk region, which could lead to major catastrophe.

«It’s not the only reason. But this was the last straw,» the source said.

All of these generals are relevant to the incident. Support, monitoring, engineering and work at all levels in Svatovo was a failure. And these generals are responsible for the incident, said a source.

«If the situation went on, if it hadn’t been operational for fire suppression actions and munitions, could have happened a real tragedy. There were Tornadoes, and charged. If not managed in time to solve the incident – under attack could get even Kharkiv», – the interlocutor told.

After the incident an inspection was carried out, in which the operation of these generals was found to be unsatisfactory. It is for this reason they were asked to write statements, said the sources.

Formally dismissed the generals give the chance to retire without the scandal. However, their dismissal has nothing to do with lustration or other things previously reported.

At the same time polled by the interlocutors in the army leadership stated that qualified applicants for vacant positions virtually no.

One of the proposed candidates to the post of commander of Land forces, commander of high-Mobile landing troops of Mikhail Zabrodsky. However, he refused the offer, citing a lack of experience.

We will remind, on October 29 in Svatovo in the warehouse rocket-artillery armament of the Ministry of defence of Ukraine, where were stored about 3 thousand 132 tons of ammunition, there was a fire followed by detonation and the dispersal of the fragments of ammunition. Victims of incident of a steel 4 persons: three soldiers and a local resident. Also several people were injured.

Media: in addition to the commander of Land forces Pushnyakov, fired several generals. The Reason Is Svatovo 24.12.2015

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