Media: due to the inactivity of the PGO, the court closed the case against Yura enakiyevsky

Lawyer Yury Ivanyushchenkoknown as Yura enakiyevsky, has achieved the termination of criminal proceedings concerning the theft of funds allocated under the Kyoto Protocol. This is reported by «Nashi Groshi» referring to the data from the Register of judgments.

The case involved the theft of «Kyoto money» firms Ivanyushchenko during the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.

In late January, the lawyer of fugitive Ivanyushchenko – Yuri Kolesnikov – through, the court forced the Prosecutor General to close criminal proceedings against his client, opened a year ago for the embezzlement of «Kyoto» billions on the insulation of schools and hospitals.

Ivanyushchenko was charged with illicit enrichment for 72 million Swiss francs, which according to the NBU rate at 1.88 billion USD. organization and acquisition of 170 million USD. state funds received by Ukraine from sale of quotas of Japan on greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol.

The court decided to close the proceedings on 21 February 2015.

The case was closed due to «inaction of the Prosecutor» Yuri Stolarchuk.

«Over the past year, not taken any procedural decision that violates the rights of the citizen Ivanyushchenko, who without sufficient grounds is suspected of committing a crime, restricted in movement, as in respect of movable and immovable property of which the decision on imposition of arrest», — the document says.

«In connection with the improper performance of their duties, the Prosecutor who carries out the procedural manual pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings No. 42015000000000207 not provided a fast, complete and unbiased investigation of the specified criminal proceedings», — is added in it.

Counsel pointed to the failure by the Deputy Prosecutor General Yury Stolarchuk reasonable time of investigation of criminal proceedings and that the arguments to prove guilt Ivanyushchenko still not installed, and the suspicion of him on December 29, 2014, the PGO issued prematurely.

At the end of 2015, the lawyer turned to the Prosecutor about the closure of the case, but he refused. Therefore, the defender Ivanyushchenko went to court.

The defense insisted that the company «Karpatybudinvest», which indirectly owned the daughter and wife Ivanyushchenko was lawfully received money from the state enterprise «GosKomInvest», under the contract.

Counsel also referred to certain judicial construction and economic expertise, which confirmed the fact of execution of works, and the fact that in 2015 «Karpatybudinvest» by a court decision sought 25 million USD. debt SE «GosKomInvest».

The court agreed with the lawyer, despite the facts stated in the statement of the «Center for combating corruption» on the basis of which the Prosecutor has opened the case.

The court ordered the Prosecutor within 3 days from the date of the resolution (i.e. 30 January) to close the criminal proceedings. The decision is not appealable.

Previously, information about international search Ivanyushchenko has disappeared from the official website of Interpol.

Also mass media reported that in Ukraine were «looking» of the Yanukovych – Ivan Avramov, who is engaged in «generating» cash flows.

Ivanyushchenko and Avramov — are the real «authorities» with their status in the criminal world, and to solve their issues they have attracted mercenary gangs that did not stop at any tyranny.

Media: due to the inactivity of the PGO, the court closed the case against Yura enakiyevsky 08.02.2016

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