Media: Clinton will leave politics to charity

The former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton will not participate in the battle for mayor of new York, said a close friend policy neera Tanden, writes The Independent.

According to Tanden, Clinton, most likely, will never make attempts to be elected not only the mayor of the American city, but also to any other.

«I guess that in the coming years it will focus on charitable activities — helping children and needy families. This she did all life,» said Tanden.

Earlier media reported that Clinton did not rule out the possibility of his candidature for the office of mayor of new York.

November 8 2016 United States presidential elections were held, they, Clinton lost to Republican Donald Trump, who on 20 January will take office.

Electoral victory trump won with the mixed electoral system in the United States, when citizens vote for electors who support a particular candidate.

Media: Clinton will leave politics to charity 10.01.2017

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