Media: CIA Deputy Flynn limited access to classified information

Central intelligence Agency, the United States refused to the Deputy Advisor to the President for national security Affairs Robin Townley admission to higher level classified information.

It is reported by Politico.

«Senior Deputy Advisor for national security Michael Flynn was removed from the special security clearance, which essentially means the termination of its powers in the Council of national security and increases the level of tension between Flynn and the intelligence community,» — says the publication.

It is noted that Robin Townley, who heads the RNB direction for African Affairs, on Friday was informed that the CIA rejected his appeal on the granting of the highest degree of access to state secrets.

One of the sources said that the denial of access to Tanoli was signed by the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo, appointed by the administration of Donald trump. This aroused the indignation of the Flynn and its allies.

Two sources told the newspaper that the CIA has not provided expanded explanations, but, according to them, Flynn and his allies believe the reason was «motivated skepticism» Townley regarding the working methods of the intelligence community, which, in fact, separates himself Flynn.

Meanwhile, Townley suspension of access to classified information may be offensive to most of Michael Flynn.

On the eve of the American media has reported that Flynn discussed the latest wave of US sanctions against Russia with the Russian Ambassador in Washington Sergei Kislyak in December last year. This has caused outrage in political circles of the USA and the requirement to investigate the situation.

Himself Flynn at first denied it but then told reporters that he could not say with certainty, did he ever discuss sanctions during the talks with the Russian Ambassador to the United States.

Media: CIA Deputy Flynn limited access to classified information 12.02.2017

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