Media called MPs, e-Declaration, which is investigating the GPU

The state fiscal service instructed to check the payment of taxes 9 people’s deputies at the request of the Prosecutor General. This «Ukrainian truth», it became known from own sources in law enforcement bodies, and also from the decisions of the Pechersky court on January 16.

Now published nine decisions of the court on nine people’s deputies, adopted at the request of the Prosecutor General’s office, which is investigating possible evasion of the MPs from payment of taxes (part 3 of article 212 of the criminal code).

In the list — Oles Dovgy, Yevhen Bakulin, Andrey Lozovoy, Yuriy Solod is the husband of Natalia Korolevska, Boryslav Rozenblat, Andriy Rybalka, Alexander Gorbunov, Viktor Romanyuk, Gennady Beans.

DFS needs to check people’s Deputy Oles Dovgy from the group «will of the people».

Dovgy has declared assets in local and foreign currency equivalent to UAH 54.7 million. At the same time, according to the GPU, citing data from tax in 1998-2015. Dovgy officially earned only 11.8 million UAH. In addition, the MP Dovgy in 2015, has acquired corporate rights «HF Management» for 15 million UAH, declared the paintings and watches without specifying their value.

The court allowed to check Borislav Rosenblatt from «Blok Petro Poroshenko». So, Rosenblatt declared nearly 109 million UAH in Bank accounts and cash. But, according to the GPU, 1998-2015. Rosenblat paid the taxes only 3.3 million UAH.

Should also check Eugene Bakulina, member of the faction «Opposition bloc», the former Chairman of the Board NAK «Naftogaz».

Bakulin declared the money in cash and banks the equivalent of 42.4 million UAH, the house bought in 2011 for 5.4 million UAH. as well as two cars, the total cost of which about 2.5 million UAH. In this case, the Prosecutor’s office has evidence that in 1998-2015. Bakulin had paid taxes on 13 million UAH of income.

Will check people’s Deputy Andrey Lozovoy, Deputy head of the faction «Radical party of Oleh Liashko».

Willow declared cash of 150 thousand euros, 50 thousand $ 800 thousand hryvnia, and a list of 25 valuable movable assets (paintings, Antiques), the cost of which the MP is unknown. At the same time, the tax is missing information on income Lozovoy since 2000, but only data 2015 on 69,5 thousand UAH. salaries and 80.5 thousand UAH received for the execution of Deputy powers.

Should check out Andrew Fishing from the «Radical party of Oleh Liashko». MP Fishing declared that more than 49 million UAH cash in banks despite the fact that in 1999-2015. paid the taxes with only 16 million UAH of income.

Test will also people’s Deputy Alexander Gorbunov from the «popular Front», which declared assets equivalent to 12 million UAH. In this case the GPU, citing data from the tax argue that Gorbunov 1998 earned only UAH 1.2 million.

It is known that will check Viktor Romaniuk from the «popular Front», which was declared more than UAH 15 million in cash despite the fact that in 1998-2015 he had paid taxes on 1,4 million UAH.

There is a court decision on the validation of the people’s Deputy Yury Malt from «Oppositional block», the husband of MP Natalia Korolevska.

Malt has declared nearly 35 million, and an apartment worth more than UAH 8 mln. Thus, in 1998-2015. Malt officially earned a little more than 3 million UAH.

Even the GPU is asked to check people’s Deputy Gennady legumes from the group «Renaissance».

Beans declared cash UAH 100 million, $ 2.5 million and $ 1.8 million for his wife. According to DFS, in 1998-2015. Beans earned of 118.7 million.

At the same time, as indicated in the court decision, the tax authorities have information that the Beans MP in 2015, was paid 17.7 million UAH of dividends from «AF» Consent «and PE» Chance «, which he did not declare, and in 2014, his account received transfers from 40 individuals in the amount of 1.3 million UAH. Now, according to the court, DFS should verify the accuracy of this information.

As you know, the Prosecutor General’s office initiated a check of the 29 MPs in fact discrepancies between the declared assets and official income. Information about the names of the other 20 MPs yet.

Earlier, the National anti-corruption Bureau has registered 22 criminal proceedings on the results of the analysis of e-returns relating to actions 21 people: 6 people’s deputies, judges 11, 2 chairmen of district state administrations, 1 the Deputy head of the regional Council, 1 the head of Central body of Executive power.

The names of the people in respect of whom opened proceedings, and was not disclosed.

Media called MPs, e-Declaration, which is investigating the GPU 23.01.2017

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