Media: British troops in Jordan are preparing for a possible conflict between Russia and NATO

Britain will hold the teachings of the Shamal Storm on the rapid transfer of troops and military equipment in Jordan, the newspaper writes The Telegraph. The maneuvers are preparation for the rapid deployment of British forces in Eastern Europe in the event of a conflict between Russia and NATO, said the sources, reports

As noted by the interlocutors of the newspaper, despite the fact that these exercises take place in Jordan, which borders Syria, their conduct is not connected with the fight against the militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state».

One of the sources said: «This is not against ISIS. Anyway, we are preparing to join the United States in Ukraine than in Syria.» «This is not the kind of force that you want to send to Aleppo to fight with a bunch of jihadists», he said.

As stated by the official representative of the British army, the exercise in Jordan should provide full combat readiness to deploy and support forces 30 thousand people anywhere in the world.

Jordan has already sent more than 300 units of military equipment, the article says. During the exercise, experts in logistics, medicine, intelligence, bomb disposal work support deployed troops.

The exercise in Jordan will become the largest of its kind since 2001, when British troops conducted maneuvers under the name Saif Sereea in Oman. Their terms are not called.

Note, the NATO countries from 2014 to model the possible development of the conflict, which, in their opinion, initiates Moscow. Recently the analytical center Rand Corp held another war games with the participation of American officers and civilian officials, who showed that at present NATO forces in Europe losing the Russian army.

Since the most likely scenario, analysts believe that the invasion of Russia to the Baltic States, here considered a hypothetical rendering of resistance to Western forces. In the end, the Rand Corp concluded that if the Russian tanks and infantry in Baltic States tomorrow, NATO forces, Russian inferior in numbers and firepower, it will be defeated in less than three days.

According to analysts, in this case NATO remains several scenarios to try to counterattack, which is fraught with extreme escalation of the conflict with Russia; Moscow to threaten massive retaliation, including nuclear; to admit temporary defeat and enter a new cold war.

Last Saturday it became known that NATO is planning to approve the increase in the number of their troops on the Eastern borders — in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland. This was reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal referring to representatives of NATO and the US.

According to WSJ, the framework decision will be adopted by the defence Ministers of NATO countries during their meeting this week. It is noted that the buildup of NATO forces in Europe will likely be the largest since the cold war.

Russia, in turn, promises to take action in response to the build-up of NATO forces in Eastern Europe. In particular, it was announced that the Russian armed forces will be strengthened with four new divisions.

Media: British troops in Jordan are preparing for a possible conflict between Russia and NATO 08.02.2016

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