Media: Argentine footballer shot the referee for a red card

Argentine football player during the match, shot the judge, who showed him the red card for unsportsmanlike conduct.

According to local media reports, the incident occurred in the area of Cordoba. Journalists did not specify the names of the teams and do not report on the level at which the match was carried out. It is possible that he was an Amateur, said the Russian service Bi-Bi-si.

At the 20th minute of the match 48-year-old referee Cesar Flores has removed one of the players that hit the opponent. The player returned from the locker room and fired three shots into the judge. From the received wounds the referee died on the spot. The suspect then wounded another player, Walter Zarate. The last was taken to hospital, the danger to his life there.

The suspect fled the scene and was declared wanted. While the police failed to establish his whereabouts.

Cases of murder of soccer referees are registered regularly. One of the most famous such incident was the brutal murder of a Brazilian judge, Saratovskogo player. The incident occurred in the town of Pius in 2013. During the match one of the players attacked the referee with his fists, but he in response took out a knife and fatally wounded the assailant. After that, the fans tied up the referee, beat him with stones, and cut off his head.

Media: Argentine footballer shot the referee for a red card 16.02.2016

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