Media: adviser to trump associated with Russia

Advisor to Donald trump on foreign policy Carter page, which is called in America the shock of your Pro-Russian and anti-American statements, has business ties with Russia. This was at the Washington Post writes «Polish radio».

At the meeting of experts in foreign policy in early June, he spoke very positively about the President of Russia. A month later Paige was in Moscow and in his speech sharply criticized us policy toward Russia and other countries.

According to him, the United States and other Western countries «hamper the potential progress of independent countries which in the period of the cold war was part of the Soviet Union, this is due to the «hypocritical focus on such issues as the development of democracy.»

In February 2015, Paige is critical about the sanctions against Russia, given the US and EU following the annexation of Crimea and assault on Eastern Ukraine.

Paige is a graduate of the naval Academy, worked in intelligence, and received a diploma in the field of business. In 2004 he moved to Moscow, where he worked in the Department of investment Bank Merrill Lynch. Then got in touch with Gazprom acquired shares in this company. He founded his own investment firm Global Energy Capital. In an interview with «Bloomberg News Page» Paige admitted that holds shares of «Gazprom» and on their value affected by the sanctions imposed against Russia.

Paige defended Russian oligarch, the head of the company Rosneft, and close associate of Putin , Igor Sechin, who came under Sanz. Paige said Sechin «has made over the last ten years more to improve relations between the US and Russia than anyone else.»

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of the Commission on intelligence of the house of representatives said that Russian relations advisers to the Republican candidate for the White house Donald trump «show that the Kremlin with its tentacles reaches of the election headquarters of the trump.»

Media: adviser to trump associated with Russia 08.08.2016

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