Media: a PR person from the United States in 2005, advised Yanukovych to inflate the language issue in Ukraine

American consultant John Manafort, who advised ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych during the Orange revolution, advised him to raise his rating to raise the issue of discrimination of Russian-speaking citizens. This is stated in the article, Franklin Foer in the American edition of Slate.

Indicates that in 2005, the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov called Manafort in Kiev for «promotion» campaign of Yanukovych.

«When Akhmetov called Manafort, in 2005, his candidate suffered a resounding defeat. Yanukovych had just lost the presidential election, during the campaign, which included large-scale fraud and the dioxin poisoning of his opponent», — stated in the publication.

The author points out that «looked like Yanukovych is a hopeless case».

However, Manafort decided to create an image on the basis of sociological surveys conducted by a team of researchers, which he brought to Kiev.

«At the same time, Manafort understand how to focus on the division among the Ukrainian electorate… the opinion Poll showed that Yanukovych can consolidate the base of their supporters, fueling a hidden discontent», — the author writes.

Indicated that this dissatisfaction it was decided to seek on the basis of the language issue.

«And while signs of discrimination of Russian-speaking citizens of the state were few, he (Manafort — ed.) encouraged the candidate (Yanukovych — ed.) to ensure that on the basis of these imaginary persecution to mobilize his electoral base. With the same purpose he instructed Yanukovych sharply criticized NATO that he did, denouncing the joint military exercises, which the Alliance had in the Crimea», — stated in the article.

At the same time, the author tells us that when the us Ambassador William Taylor arrived in Ukraine in 2006, he called for a meeting of Manafort to the Embassy.

«Manafort then constantly present in the offices of U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine, it became the primary link for communication between the U.S. government and Yanukovych and his Pro-Russian camp», the article says.

Earlier it was reported that a possible candidate for President of the US Republican party, Donald trump has secured the support of the American spin doctor Paul John Manafort, informed advising a political campaign, ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the Party of regions.

Media: a PR person from the United States in 2005, advised Yanukovych to inflate the language issue in Ukraine 10.05.2016

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