McCain: the only thing able to understand Putin is power

Republican Senator John McCain does not believe in another «reset» of relations between Washington and the Kremlin after the inauguration of Donald trump. He said this on Wednesday, January 11, in an exclusive interview to DW «Nemtsov.Interview» in Washington.

CNN urged trump to explain about the accusations of «fake»

«I saw three presidents — Bush, Clinton and Obama, is believed that they can build a new relationship with Vladimir Putin,» said McCain.

The only possible strategy in relations with Putin, according to McCain, is «a return to the principles of Ronald Reagan — peace through strength».

«The only thing able to understand Vladimir Putin, is power. What is the price of aggression may be higher than that which he is willing to pay,» he stressed, calling Putin a «murderer», «bandit» and «a product of the KGB.»

Commenting on the press conference, elected President of the USA of Donald trump, McCain said that he was pleased with the fact that trump has recognized Russia’s responsibility for hacker attacks during the election campaign.

«No doubt» Russia’s participation in the cyber attacks, said the Senator. At the same time, he acknowledged the need for talks with Putin, but «only from a position of strength».

McCain said that while it «knows» whether Donald trump Putin to conduct such a dialogue.

CNN urged trump to explain about the accusations of «fake»

Broadcaster CNN called elected President of the USA of Donald trump to point to the mistakes made when disclosing information, the so-called «dirt on trump.» This is stated in an official statement released after trump during a press conference on January 11 refused to answer questions from CNN, calling the TV station producer of fake news.

The commentary notes that «the decision of CNN to publish carefully selected information about activities of government is very different from the decision publication Buzzfeed to publish unconfirmed note. And team trump knows this.»

«We are fully confident in our coverage. It represents the core of what protects the First amendment, is to inform people about the inner workings of government, in this case, materials prepared last week for President Obama and the elected President of the trump» – noted in the company.

«We were given to understand that don’t publish any details of the 35-page document, as I couldn’t find evidence that is contained in the report,» – said in comments.

«Whereas, the members of the team trump so loudly criticized our news feed, we encourage them to define and clarify in particular what they believe to be inaccurate,» he called CNN.

Recall that CNN reported that secret documents provided last week to US President Barack Obama and President-elect, Donald Trump, contain the assertion that the Russians have compromising information about the personal lives and financial activities of trump.

In the Kremlin statement about the presence of dirt on trump called «nonsense».

The US President-elect said that his opponents in the election are spreading false news with the aim «to diminish the significance of his victory».

McCain: the only thing able to understand Putin is power 12.01.2017

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