McCain is convinced that the people around trump support Ukraine

Us Senator John McCain is convinced that the people around the elected President of the USA of Donald trump support Ukraine. He said this in an interview with TSN.

«I am convinced that the people he (trump) chose in the defense sector, in particular, General Mattis — a staunch supporter of Ukraine. General Flynn. General Kelly also. The people around him to support Ukraine,» said McCain.

The Senator hopes for understanding by the newly elected President of the United States the importance of relations between the U.S. and Ukraine. In addition, trump, McCain said, favours a significant increase in defense spending.

«Therefore, we hope that our exploration will be informed Donald trump on the attack on the foundations of our democracy in the elections, I hope he will understand, who such Vladimir Putin, who is a murderer and a robber,» he stressed.

According to the Senator, the Congress would support additional sanctions against Vladimir Putin, because he intervened in the U.S. presidential election.

«A lot of sanctions that we can apply. Financial institutions, on the one hand. Believe it or not, but Russian has a very weak economy, and we can relax again. (Enter) personal sanctions against specific organizations,» explained McCain.

He hopes that Congress will be able to cooperate with the newly elected President of the United States Donald trump, in particular, the issue of expansion of sanctions against Russia.

«The US Congress will support further sanctions against Putin, because he interfered in our elections. We — equal branches of government: the elected President can veto, can take some other measures. I hope that we can work together. But the Congress of the United States will not sacrifice the freedom and independence of Ukraine», — said the Senator.

«Understand, I don’t want to deal with the elected President trump is not my job. But there are enough votes to support Ukraine and help preserve its independence – through aid, military cooperation and a lot of other things,» added McCain.

Earlier it was reported that us senators-Republicans John McCain and Lindsey Graham will seek tougher sanctions against Russia for interfering in the US presidential election.

We will note, President-elect of the United States of America Donald trump, whose inauguration is scheduled for 20 January 2017, was chosen for the position of Secretary of the State Department the candidate of the chief Executive Director of the oil Corporation Exxon Mobil Rex Tillerson, who supports the lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation and has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

McCain is convinced that the people around trump support Ukraine 03.01.2017

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