McCain in Munich reminded Europe that «Putin’s appetite grows during the meal»

American Senator John McCain believes that Russia’s behavior in Syria is akin to what it did in Ukraine.

He said this, speaking at the 52nd Munich security conference, reports UKRINFORM.

«Ambition, Putin’s appetite grows with eating,» said McCain, saying the Russian intervention in Syria does not lead to easing the situation, but only stabilizes the Assad regime and the onset of his army.

He added that what is happening in Syria, «we have seen in Ukraine»: Putin creates with the new military situation on the ground, denies everything, including arms supplies, he traded in the formulation of agreements, and then again returns to the fighting. «This is the scheme of military aggression», — said the Senator.

According to McCain, Putin is not interested to be a partner of the West, its main objective is to obtain the status of a dominant power in the region, displacing other forces and have military bases, «such as in Kaliningrad or Crimea».

Furthermore, the goal of the Kremlin is driving a wedge in the Euro-Atlantic partnership and undermining the European project. The only deterrent against this «we are,» said McCain, referring to the Euro-Atlantic partners.

The Senator does not believe the recently achieved agreement on Syria and believes that the Syrian conflict common sense does not work. If the agreement falls through, the people of Syria will continue to suffer, the influence of the West — fall, the flow of refugees continued, and «ISIS» would be to put all new shocks, convinced an American politician.

Note, the other day McCain in the U.S. has met with Ukrainian politicians – the leader of the party «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko and former head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko.

Recall that in Germany February 12, started 52nd Munich security conference, which ends today, February 14. The conference was attended by about 600 people, among them 30 heads of state and government, as well as more than 70 heads of ministries of defence and ministries of foreign Affairs.

McCain in Munich reminded Europe that «Putin’s appetite grows during the meal» 14.02.2016

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