Matios tells DUK «Right sector» illegal formation, but before the heroes of the ATO is ready to kneel

Chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios declares that CHATTER «Right sector» is an illegally armed group and insists that the disarmament of the Ministry of interior is responsible. He said this in an interview with Hromadske radio.

«All the legal structures, grounds and according to the Ukrainian Constitution DUK «Right sector» is, if in dry legal language – illegal armed formation on the territory of the state», — said Matios.

«We have the only volunteer battalion, who in two years is not defined: it over the state or right of use of the state monopoly in the form of weapons in all areas — DUK» Right sector», — said Matios.

However, he respectfully said about the patriots DUK «Right sector», who fought in the ATO.

«I can kneel at the mention of the names of all the victims of the «Right sector», who were killed in the Donetsk airport, Sands, Avdiivka, Volnovakha, debaltseve. This — heroes, the elite of the nation. This extraordinary patriots of the state. However, when using the patriots for political purposes without those state positions is a collapse of the foundations of the state. We saw Mukachevo. Now it is very ambiguous Dragobrat. With the split of society,» — said the chief military Prosecutor.

«Not a single part, even under the banner of patriotism, to hide weapons in rear areas and shoot the police. The rights of the militia or not is a question already of law and its application. But no revolution or the desire for change the foundations of statehood is not worth a human life. no one has the right to a monopoly of force in an unnamed state. I want to speak on behalf of the state? Integriruetsa, prisivashya, take the oath and do not stand in the rear», — he noted.

To the question, why it disturbed nobody, when I first started to create volunteer battalions, he asked what the journalist has in mind.

In response to a journalist who said that he meant the state, Matios said, «the state should be the name of the person who made the decision in 2014».

«Such responses (who is accused of SS that this is an illegal formation) should always provide the Ministry of internal Affairs and SBU», — said Matios.

«For the disarmament of illegal paramilitary armed groups on the territory of Ukraine is responsible to the Ministry of internal Affairs», — he added.

«I think at the moment the police, due to the imperfect reforms, without the transitional phase between old and new, has completely lost control of the state of crime in the state,» he added.

Earlier, the «Right sector» denied «battalions of special forces» operating in the Transcarpathian, Lviv, Volyn and Ivano-Frankivsk regions.

Matios tells DUK «Right sector» illegal formation, but before the heroes of the ATO is ready to kneel 02.02.2016

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