Matios Kalynivka: If desired, you can clean up the perimeter to avoid «spies» in the form of an elk

After the explosions at military depots in balakliia the Cabinet immediately allocated money for military depot in Kalynivka, but the General staff did not foresee to strengthen the protection of strategic objects. This was stated by the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios at a briefing on 28 September, the correspondent of «GORDON».

«The money went on a mural on a monthly basis. In the month of August, before the Independence Day, was allocated 11 million on this database. With a strong desire, determines only the General staff, at desire it was possible to increase wages, and change the system posts, and to put in order system of perimeter by putting a fence there so there was no such «saboteurs» in the form of an elk, which was published by the journalist Yuri Butusov,» said he.

The military Prosecutor said that after these images, the society starts talking about betrayal.

«Betrayal no, we are at war», – said Matios.

He added that during the day, the investigation could not identify the perpetrators, until the investigation.

In balakliia the explosions at the ammunition began on March 23, 2017.

In the Arsenal of the Armed forces of Ukraine near Vinnitsa in the evening of 26 September 2017 an incident happens, begin to break the shells.

The airspace in the area of the bombings of Kalinovka of Vinnytsia region in radius of 50 km was closed. Modified schedules are 47 trains. According to the State service for emergency situations of the zone evacuated 30 thousand people.

According to Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, the incident occurred due to «external causes». The military Prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings on the fact of sabotage.

On September 27 the Ministry of defense reported that as of 19.00 on Arsenal in Kalinovka are not recorded detonation of ammunition.

Matios Kalynivka: If desired, you can clean up the perimeter to avoid «spies» in the form of an elk 28.09.2017

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