Matios: it is necessary to amend criminal procedure code to extend the investigation against Yanukovych

In a criminal case, in which the suspect is the ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, there is a risk of closure due to the imperfections of the current Criminal procedure code. This was stated by the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, transfers «112 Ukraine».

Yanukovych caught in a trap, lying about the Medvedchuk – GPU

«I have informed the attorney-General, we have assembled a team of investigators and sent on 18 November the President of Ukraine a letter with my signature as Deputy attorney General and investigators who investigate economic crimes unit of Yanukovych… We asked the President to urgently make designed GPU, investigators, units of the GPU changes in the criminal procedure code,» — said Matios.

«Because if it is not collected enough evidence, prosecutors will be forced during December-January 2017 to take a procedural decision on closing of criminal proceedings against members of criminal organizations in the creation and management of which is suspected Yanukovych Victor Fedorovich. In connection with the expiration of a period stipulated by the current criminal procedure code, the limit of the 12-month period of investigation, which was conducted «eat» the Department of special investigation GPU», — said Matios.

He also expressed hope that Yanukovych will arrive in Ukraine on December 5 to conduct procedural actions.

«December 5, according to the agenda of the GPU, which today handed over to the lawyers, which will definitely be to see the suspect Viktor Yanukovych. Hopefully, he will arrive in Ukraine to conduct procedural actions. I think 1-2 December, it will be in his hands. This official document go for vul. Socialist, 164, 35, Rostov-on-don. In addition, his place of residence in the same region», — said Matios.

Yanukovych caught in a trap, lying about the Medvedchuk – GPU

Viktor Yanukovych during videotapes lied about that not talked on the phone the day of the shootings on the Maidan the leader of «the Ukrainian choice» Viktor Medvedchuk. This lie calls into question all of his testimony, said on air of «freedom of speech» on ICTV, the Prosecutor of the GPU Alexei don, UKRINFORM reported.

«We can say that Yanukovych is in this was a trap — that he simply denied that these conversations (54 telephone conversation with Viktor Medvedchuk from December 2013 to February 2014, including the day of the shooting on the Maidan on 20 February 2014 – ed.). In this case, knowing that the fact that these conversations we have confirmed evidence in the case, further we will be able to provide the court and, thus, to prove the inaccuracy of his statements», — he stressed.

The Prosecutor added that the GPU will provide evidence of the lies Yanukovych: «We will provide evidence that he specifically lied in the issues that he now felt.»

Thus, according to Donskoy, the interrogation of the leader of «Ukrainian choice» Viktor Medvedchuk in the case of murders on the Maidan were very detailed, with video recording, and had «a lot of interesting documents.»

«Interrogation Medvedchuk had already been undertaken in the criminal proceedings (in the case of murders on the Maidan – ed.), video recording, during the pre-trial investigation… It was kind of like a very long, very detailed. And there were too many interesting moments,» he said.

In General, however, the don noted that the task of the GPU to discredit the testimony of Yanukovych during videotapes initiated by his lawyers today have been achieved.

The Prosecutor also noted that Yanukovych is not an independent person and depends on the people who sheltered him in Russia and led to further action.

Commenting on the question as to whether videotapes Yanukovych «a special operation of the Kremlin», Donskoy said: «if this was a special operation of the Kremlin, very bad».

As reported, on November 28 in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev during the video conference with the Rostov regional court was questioning the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych as a witness in the case against five former «berkutovets», accused in the shooting of Maidan activists in February 2014.

In particular, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko announced the suspicion of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych of treason and of aiding the Russian Federation of aggression against Ukraine. The corresponding suspicion he voiced in the Svyatoshinsky district court of Kiev after the announcement of the break until Yanukovych is on a video link from a court in Rostov-on-don, Russian Federation.

But Yanukovych apologized to the relatives of the victims on the Maidan. «I especially want to appeal to the victims or those who represent them in the hall. I want to apologize to you that you understood and knew that I was doing everything to ensure that this tragedy was not», — assured the fugitive President.

Matios: it is necessary to amend criminal procedure code to extend the investigation against Yanukovych 29.11.2016

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