Matios does not exclude that OSCE will go to court and threatens the commander with the words of Putin

Investigative actions conducted by the Main military Prosecutor’s office against the people’s Deputy of Ukraine, the founder and first commander of the volunteer battalion «Donbass» Seeds Semenchenko (Samopomich) are objective and legitimate. This was at the briefing on Thursday, 11 February 2016, said the chief military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

«Any violations in the actions of the investigator I do not see», — the Prosecutor noted.

«The number of persons questioned in criminal proceedings is sufficient to say that the grounds for investigation is,» — said Matios.

«The status of mister Grishin-Semenchenko (real name-MP — Konstantin Grishin) is determined by the law on status of MP … the Procedural status of Mr. Semenchenko in this criminal proceeding is not yet available, since he wasn’t interrogated. If in the near future will come for this reason, we will do so in accordance with the provisions of the law with all its status,» — said the chief military Prosecutor.

Matios said that unlike politicians, the Prosecutor’s office is not going to turn the investigation on the show:

«To comment on the statements Grishina-Semenchenko feel meaningless thing … will comment on in court proceedings», the Prosecutor said.

«Dictatorship of the law must be inevitable, like death, for all — equal and one,» the Prosecutor noted.

We will remind, the Main military Prosecutor’s office is investigating a case against Semenchenko, who is suspected of allegedly illegally obtaining military rank.

«Samopomich» considers the actions of subordinates Matios illegal, in his turn, the MP is speaking about political persecution.

In addition, the civilian Prosecutor’s office brought against the battalion commander in case of «threats» to the head of the Krivoy Rog police.

As Matios used the expression «dictatorship of the law», the author is the acting Russian President Vladimir Putin. «That’s why we insist on only one dictatorship — dictatorship of law. Although I know that many people do not like», — he declared, in particular, in his message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in July 2000.

Matios received his appointment on 26 August 2014, in the midst of hostilities against Russian-terrorist troops in the Donbass.

In 2011-2014 Matios has held the position of Deputy head of the Main control Directorate of the presidential Administration of Viktor Yanukovych. This period of his professional career he has not commented.

The law «About the cleansing power» (On lustration) is not covered.

Among other senior vinovnikov Yanukovych’s presidential Administration insisting on your own innocence to crimes against humanity (in particular, to mass executions and political repressions), as well as to other wrongful acts of the authoritarian regime of Yanukovych, who after the victory of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine and is still actively involved in political life or the work of public authorities, in the media remember the former head of the presidential Administration Serhiy Lyovochkin, who was elected to Parliament on the list of the Pro-Russian Opposition bloc, and his Deputy in 2010-2014 Lega rafalskiy, who headed the Institute of political and ethnic studies named after Ivan Kuras Kuras NAS of Ukraine.

Matios does not exclude that OSCE will go to court and threatens the commander with the words of Putin 11.02.2016

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