Matios about the case of the tax authorities: Prosecutor General’s office has bought four industrial copier

In the case of «tax sites» during ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the Prosecutor General’s office has to make a lot of copies of documents. This was reported by the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios in an interview with «Commander in chief».

«A lot of work, the routine of law that nobody cares. I can only say that the Prosecutor General’s office has bought four industrial copier. You know how much we made of sheets of legal documents? More than four million», he said.

Matios said that each of the suspects has the right to five lawyers.

«We have only in this case with 46 suspects. Someone wanted, someone is here, someone has paid a Deposit of someone under arrest. We each must provide a copy of the documents. We have four people who every day in respirators multiply the documents for their consideration in court», – said the chief military Prosecutor.

May 24, in 15 regions of Ukraine were carried out simultaneously 454 search in the framework of criminal proceedings regarding former officials of the tax administrations, who are suspected of involvement in the organization and functioning of schemes of evasion from payment of taxes – «tax areas». Matios said that the scheme stood the ex-Minister of incomes and fees of Ukraine Alexander Klimenko, who is internationally wanted.

On 14 July the military Prosecutor’s office conducted searches at 183 places, which are, according to security officials, belong to Klimenko. The searches were carried out including in the editorial office of radio «Vesti». The ex-Minister has denied the information about searches in their companies.

The chief military Prosecutor reported that Klimenko brought in offshore from the state budget of $12 billion and spent it on business and real estate throughout Ukraine.

Minister of revenues and duties in the government of Mykola Azarov, Klymenko was from December 2012 till 27 Feb 2014. He is charged with abuse of power and official position and tax evasion in especially large sizes.

August 4, Matios said that the courts have handed down six sentences on «business tax».

Matios about the case of the tax authorities: Prosecutor General’s office has bought four industrial copier 27.09.2017

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