Maslyakov resigned from the state enterprise «Planeta KVN» on their own – Union KVN

Director of the Russian state unitary enterprise (sue) «Moscow youth center «planet of KVN» Alexander Maslyakov resigned from this position in July at his own request. About it to Agency «RIA Novosti», said the International Union’s «Club of the funny and inventive» (KVN), which continues to lead the leading.

On 30 November Russian branch of Transparency International Maslyakov caught in real estate fraud and conflict of interest and stated that the Moscow government has fired him after activists appealed to the Prosecutor with a request to check whether the head of the KVN requirements of the law.

Today representatives of the KVN Union has denied the allegation. According to them, Maslyakov was going to retire in early 2017, so his work was given «in accordance with the requirements of Federal law.»

The protracted dismissal process, the source of «RIA Novosti» explained the «several reasons, including some bureaucratic moments.»

«Moskovsky Komsomolets» with reference to close to Maslyakov people writes that «initially he was strongly opposed to lead the PMU for a long time resisted, but he actually forced».

In the investigation of Transparency International says that in 2011 Maslyakov became the head of sue «Moscow youth center «planet of KVN», which due to the state budget on the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed reconstructed the capital’s cinema «Havana».

At the same time Maslyakov remained the founder of the creative Association «AMIK» («Alexander Maslyakov and company»), which owns the rights to the brand of KVN. Later became sole proprietor. Russian laws forbid to combine the PMG business, noted in anti-corruption centre.

In 2014, the state «planet KVN» and private «AMIK» under the administration of Maslyakov and his family, have established a joint company «House drink», despite the conflict of interest. In the new organization «AMIK» received a share of 51%, thus ensuring management of the company and the assets of the sue, including presented by the President of the real estate, concluded the investigation.

As explained by The Village press-the Secretary of anti-corruption organization Gleb Gavrish received a property Maslakova used not only in the interests of KVN, but in their own commercial purposes.

Maslyakov resigned from the state enterprise «Planeta KVN» on their own – Union KVN 02.12.2017

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