Marushevska was questioned because of the prize on March 8

The former head of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevska provided explanation in the NACP regarding the prize, in the amount of 500 UAH, which was dedicated to 8 March. This ex-official has announced on his Facebook on the evening of 8 February.

According to Marushevskaya, to provide explanations she was called at the request of the first Deputy head of the SBU Paul Demchina.

«Mr. Paul, carefully watching for threats to the public interest in Odessa region exposed the corruption at the customs. For bureaucratic tradition, the division staff prepared for my signature an order on March 8, which provided for the awarding of all women custom 500 UAH. on the occasion of the holiday. I had the weakness not to be denied,» she said.

«Because of the negligence of HR, my name got on the list for five hundred people. The order passed the test of the legal Department and the Department of homeland security. Now the SBU, jointly with the National Agency for the prevention of corruption accused me of administrative violation because of a conflict of interest with the awarding itself for 500 hryvnia,» — said Marushevska.

As you know, Marushevska has announced his resignation from office in November 2016. His dismissal she explained the resistance leadership of the country all attempts of reform of customs.

Marushevska was questioned because of the prize on March 8 09.02.2017

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