«Marshall plan for Ukraine» is designed for 10 years and involves the allocation of the $5 billion investment in the medium term — Kubiv

«Marshall plan for Ukraine» is designed for 10 years, in the medium term, it envisages the allocation to Ukraine $5 billion it said the first Vice Prime Minister – Minister of economic development Stepan Kubiv at a joint briefing with former Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Andrius Kubilius and Chairman of the parliamentary Committee on foreign Affairs Anna hopko, the correspondent of the publication «GORDON».

«We agreed on the priorities, which lie in the plane of the infrastructure projects, energy efficiency, digital economy through the prism of small business,» – said Kubiv.

Kubilius added that subject to receipt of annual targets investments worth $5 billion increase in the economy of Ukraine may reach 6-8% of GDP.

At the end of March the European people’s party Congress, which was held on Malta, adopted a resolution on developing a long-term plan of assistance to Ukraine («Marshall Plan for Ukraine»). In the EPP resolution urged member States of the EU «through bilateral and multilateral programmes to provide Ukraine with military, humanitarian and economic assistance». The party also proposed to create a «broad investment package», aimed at accelerating the economic recovery of Ukraine.

One of the authors of the document, former Prime Minister of Lithuania and current member of the Seimas Andrius Kubilius stated that «the Marshall Plan for Ukraine» will be presented at the summit of «Eastern partnership» in November. According to him, the document praised the State Department and the U.S. Congress. Kubilius believes that the implementation of long-term «Marshall Plan» will allow «to pour into the real economy of Ukraine up to €5 billion a year.»

In July the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that Ukraine and the EU leaders discussed the possibility of holding the 2018 investment conference «Marshall Plan for Ukraine». August 25, 2017 the Ukrainian-Lithuanian project of assistance to Ukraine was presented in the European institutions.

The Marshall plan – the program of aid to Europe after world war II. He was nominated in 1947, the American Secretary of state George C. Marshall and came into effect in April 1948. The stated US goal of implementing the plan was the restoration of war-ravaged economies of Europe, removing trade barriers, modernising industry. The program involved 17 European countries.

«Marshall plan for Ukraine» is designed for 10 years and involves the allocation of the $5 billion investment in the medium term — Kubiv 14.09.2017

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