Mars is Recalling protein bars in 55 countries

The Mars company decided to withdraw its products in 55 countries due to the discovery of plastic in it. It is reported by BBC Russian.

According to the company, a piece of red plastic was found in a Snickers bar, bought 8 January in Germany. The consumer turned to Mars, after which the company’s experts traced the path of the defective bar and came to the conclusion that it was produced at the plant in the Dutch city Fejel. According to preliminary data, in chocolate got one of the plastic parts that are used in production.

«We are currently trying to figure out what exactly happened, but we can’t be sure that this piece of the red plastic is not present in the other product with the same production line. We would like to see buyers who have purchased one of these products, did not use it for food,» according to the company.

However, Mars does not report what is the total amount of recalled products and what damages is she going to turn out.

We will remind, in 2013 in Europe happened a huge scandal due to the high content of horsemeat in products labelled as beef. This has led to the recall of products and government investigations in the food industry.

Mars is Recalling protein bars in 55 countries 24.02.2016

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