Maria Maksakova: I went on Leviathan

The widow of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, Opera singer Maria Maksakova in an interview with «Radio Liberty» said that after leaving Russia «left from the Leviathan».

«I come from a Leviathan, I always say. It so happened that my husband was a bone in the throat – I mean different groups within the Federal security service… There is also not so homogeneous, but nevertheless, there are main groups that lead the economic war when they had to deal with catching spies. Acquainted with them, without embellishment and without unnecessary coquetry, I realized that it’s the system, not even those who lead it. I would love to someday have a man who would not reign in this system, destroying their own people, and to fight with this system and make it the way it is supposed to be according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation», – she noted.

Maksakova added that in the investigation of the murder of her husband has a chance to reach the customer.

On the question of the sitting the man in the Kremlin, she replied negatively. Maksakova suggested that the murder of her husband was not agreed with the Kremlin.

In the afternoon of 23 March, a former Russian politician who took Ukrainian citizenship and testified of the GPU on charges of treason of former President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, in downtown Kiev was killed by the killer, when the ex-the Deputy of the state Duma were sent to meet. The guard policy is fatally wounded the assailant, but he was injured.

On March 24 the people’s Deputy from «popular front» Anton Gerashchenko said that the killed Boronenkov Paul Parsow – a citizen of Ukraine, a native of Sebastopol, who was trained at the school for spies in Russia, and then enlisted in the National guard of Ukraine. On the same day, Advisor to the head of the SBU Yuriy tandit has confirmed that the killer Boronenkov served in the national guard. It also became known that the killer Boronenkov has been an accomplice Jaroslav Levenets, which is March 24, 2017 Solomenskiy police Department is looking for Kiev on suspicion in illegal handling of weapons.

16 Jun Goloseevsky district court of Kiev took into custody another suspect in the murder of Yaroslav Tarasenko.

Maksakova said that killing her husband is involved Deputy head of Department of service of own safety of FSB of Russia Oleg Feoktistov, who was dismissed from the security services of Russia, and then reinstated. Now, however, she doubted that Feoktistov had personally given the order to kill Boronenkov. According to Maksakova, «this gift», he was presented with the criminal authorities.

June 29, she said Boronenkov ordered criminal authorities of the Russian Federation.

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko reported on 1 July that prosecutors are close to solving this case.

Maria Maksakova: I went on Leviathan 17.07.2017

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