Marchuk: the Desire to go to the presidential elections I have. But understanding all the warnings, too

The former Prime Minister, former head of the SBU and Ministry of defense, former NSDC Secretary Yevhen Marchuk in the broadcast program author editor-in-chief of the edition «GORDON» Alesya Batsman «Batman LIVE» on the channel NewsOne said that he has a desire to participate in elections of the President of Ukraine.

He said that participation in elections should not only wish and command, but also big Finance.

«Teams are not eternal, they are formed under some specific idea or goal. And when the team is a business partner… And then this command in politics during the war…I would say: the desire is there, but understanding all of the caveats too. I’m still a supporter, so in such critical situations was two hundred people, younger than me but experienced. Just a beautiful, Patriotic, intelligent men and women is not enough. But to attract foreign reformers in a situation where you need to wage a war… of course, need to deal with many problems: social, economic, political…» – said Marchuk.

He said the main thing today – a war with Russia.

«A war with Russia needs to be a little different team. And frankly, I see a couple of dozen people could be involved. And these horses (in a good way), it’s the bison, who are younger than me, experience – God forbid, passed through the heavy, serious tested and proven. For example, the Russian side has a team of Putin (Russian President Vladimir Putin. – «GORDON»), he’s just 15-20 years… I will say this: it’s just the people I know. Team is when all work together on one idea. So far the team I have but to collect it would be possible», – said the politician.

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76-year-old Marchuk was Prime Minister of Ukraine (1995-1996), Minister of defense (2003-2004), the first head of SBU (1991-1994). Now represent Ukraine in the sub-group on security at the negotiations of the trilateral contact group on settling the situation in Donbas.

The next presidential elections in Ukraine should take place in 2019.

Marchuk: the Desire to go to the presidential elections I have. But understanding all the warnings, too 31.08.2017

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