Marchenko: I would Not like to me today was 17

Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Marchenko, who returned to TV as the host of the project «Time to build» TV channel «inter», said that over the years became better. She told about it in interview «KP».

«Someone might say, «She’s over 40!». Yes, I’m only over 40. But what is this age?! It seems to me that women do not age. It is like a good wine, gets better. Look as I look, all my age, happy with what I have. Not hotelby to me today was 17″, said Marchenko.

According to the presenter, a beautiful woman by their actions and relations.

Marchenko said that from her youth she was interested to find out how to help parents to support a family. And the first time she wore makeup only on high school graduation.

Now leading do fitness, Jogging, swimming, do not drink alcohol, sugar, smoke and a lot of walks.

To keep weight under control, according to Marchenko, it helps Orthodox position.

Marchenko said that in 2017 planned to finish his career on television.

«Taking the decision to leave «X-factor», I thought that the TV for me obviously ended. I never imagined that I will start something new and big», she said.

Presenter certifies that she received offers from various channels, but her interest is the project «Time to build».

28 April 2018 Marchenko will celebrate its 45th anniversary.

Marchenko is the wife of the leader of the movement «Ukrainian choice» Victor Medvedchuk and godmother of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin

Premiere of the project «Time to build» on «inter» took place on 2 December. One of the heroines of the program will be singer Ani Lorak.

Marchenko: I would Not like to me today was 17 05.12.2017

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