March for «people’s impeachment» Poroshenko in Kiev. Stream

On 17 October in Parliament, several political parties and social movements began all-Ukrainian action in support of large-scale political reform. The demands of the protesters – to make laws on the limitation of parliamentary immunity, the anti-corruption court and a new electoral rules. The protesters pitched tents on the roadway of the street Grushevskogo, and expressed the intention to remain there until the requirements have been met.

October 20, Poroshenko said that the real plan of the organizers of the protest is to destabilize the situation in Ukraine. October 24, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that the demonstrators, under the leadership of Saakashvili prepared a coup in Ukraine and financed from abroad.

November 12, Saakashvili proposed to begin the process of «people’s impeachment» 3 Dec.

March for «people’s impeachment» Poroshenko in Kiev. Stream 03.12.2017

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