Malta legalized same-sex marriage

The Parliament of Malta supported the full legalization in the country of same-sex marriage. For the bill on 12 July voted 66 deputies, against were only one, informs television channel TVM.

«This is a historic vote. It shows that our democratic system and a society grow. It is a society in which all are equal,» said Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, who has made legalizing same-sex marriage a key aspect of his election program.

The new law removes from the civil code words such as «husband,» «wife» «mother» and «father», replacing them with the gender neutral «spouse» and «parent».

According to Muscat, it had to be done to avoid «categorization of members of society». However, he rejected accusations that such changes supposedly will put an end to the celebration of «mother’s Day» and «father’s Day».

Reuters notes that Malta has become the 24th country in the world to recognize same-sex marriages.

Malta legalized same-sex marriage 13.07.2017

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