Major-General Nazarov was read by the prosecution in the case of Il-76

In the Pavlograd worrisome unveiled an indictment against major General Viktor Nazarovaccused of the downed by militants near the city of Lugansk aircraft Il-76 with 49 Ukrainian servicemen on Board. As Radio Liberty reports, the indictment announced by the Prosecutor at the hearing on 23 November.

According to the document, Nazarov as the head of the headquarters of the ATO was required to manage military units involved in operation, analyze information and predict the possible actions of illegal armed groups in Donbas, however, on assuming office, careless attitude to performance of their duties.

In addition, the act stated that the wife knew about the accommodation at the airport of Lugansk militia groups, armed with MANPADS, that is, «aware that the flight of aircraft at a specified aerodrome will be implemented into enemy territory» and were informed about the «terrorist threat».

«13.06.2014 year the ATO headquarters of the SBU received information, that two groups of militants armed with MANPADS, went to the airfield of Lugansk and intend to shoot down aircraft», — said the Prosecutor.

According to him, Viktor Nazarov as the head of the headquarters ATO was not organized opposition to militant groups and could not guarantee the safety of Ukrainian troops sent to Lugansk that «led to the terrorist attack and the death of 49 servicemen.»

Material damage States, according to the act, estimated at more than 28,7 million UAH.

Earlier the staff of SBU, the witnesses, the court questioned in the case, stated that he transferred to the headquarters of ATO information about the visit of a group of militants with MANPADS at the airport of Lugansk. However, in his testimony in court the General-the major Victor Nazarov these statements are denied.

In Pavlograd in the Dnipropetrovsk region for nearly six months, continues the court in the case of the death in armed separatists shot down the plane Il-76 of the Ukrainian military.

The defendants – one man, major-General Viktor Nazarov, who at the time of the tragedy were chief of staff of the antiterrorist operation. He is accused of committing a crime under part 3 of article 425 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (negligent attitude to service, committed in a combat situation, which entailed grave consequences).

14 Jun 2014 on the territory of the Luhansk region from a portable anti-aircraft missile complex was hit by the plane Il-76MD. He caught fire and fell. On Board were 40 servicemen of the 25th separate airborne brigade and 9 crew members. All died.

Major-General Nazarov was read by the prosecution in the case of Il-76 24.11.2016

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