Macron presented a plan for major reform of the European Union

The President of France Emmanuel macron during a speech at the Sorbonne on 28 September proposed to spend up to 2024, an ambitious reform of the European Union, writes Reuters.

The reform program Rules provides for the creation of common Eurozone budget for joint investments and ensure stability in times of economic shocks as well as the introduction of the post of the Minister of Finance and parliamentary oversight at the European level. In this case, said the French President, we are not talking about transferring the debt obligations of some countries on others what you fear in Germany.

Source of filling the General budget of the EU, the macron indicated a common European tax on financial transactions, which already exists in France and the UK, and the taxation of large Internet companies should pay taxes where they work and not registered.

By the beginning of 2020-ies macron proposes to create a General European rapid reaction force and a common defence budget, the General military doctrine, and joint civil defence units.

In addition, the President of France proposed to create a European Agency for asylum that, in his opinion, will speed up and standardize the relevant procedures.

He urged Germany to support his reforms and proposed a «new partnership», whose main goal – until 2024 to fully integrate the markets of both countries.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in turn, highly appreciated the proposed Macron plan to reform EU, says Reuters. According to her, he will contribute to the development of the European Union and enhance cooperation between the two countries. While Merkel added that details of the plan still need to discuss.

Macron presented a plan for major reform of the European Union 29.09.2017

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