Lyudmila Yanukovych sells in the occupied Sevastopol forbidden delicacies — media

Lyudmila Yanukovych (nee Nastenko), the official wife of the wanted ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, opened in annexed by the Russian authorities in Sevastopol shop luxury food «mercury». This June 15, 2016, writes local newspaper «Lens» with reference to the regular customers of the new institution.

In a store that promotes itself as a luxury supermarket, you can buy a range of products from the «sanctions list» (this food is called in modern Russian «sectionkey»).

During the presidency of his wife Ludmila was constantly in Donetsk, where he was engaged in raising grandchildren and charity.

We will remind, earlier in mass media there was information that the former «first lady» lives in Sebastopol (in particular, she has a house in the village of Kacha). For this reason it was decided to bury drowned in the lake her youngest son Victor Viktorovich Yanukovych at a military cemetery on the North side.

While Yanukovych is now hiding from the Ukrainian justice in Russia, living with donchanka Ludmila Polezhay, which he in Mezhyhiria was born a girl.

In may 2014, the Ukrainian newspaper «Fakty» published an interview with 66-year-old neighbor Yenakiyevo Yanukovych named Faina Ivanovna, who revealed his own story of meeting Victor and Ludmila. «Future wife of Viktor, it was said, was raped. Lyudmila someone from relatives working in the court, and the tyrant promised a long time, the girl also pregnant. He sort of had to choose between prison and marriage. He chose the latter, soon the wedding took place, it was 1972,» she said, referring to his sister, «that was a close friend of the mother of Yanukovych, as well as other neighbors.»

«My sister’s husband Vladimir was… an active member of this criminal gang (group of Yanukovych — ed.) — said Faina Ivanovna. — In our apartment it was in batches, constantly there are some things that soon disappeared somewhere. Most likely, they were stolen or stolen».

Lyudmila Yanukovych sells in the occupied Sevastopol forbidden delicacies — media 15.06.2016

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