Lysenko: the Russian media had fabricated the case against Saakashvili

The representative of the presidential Administration on issues of anti-terrorist operation Andrey Lysenko denies that against the head of the Odessa region Mihail Saakashvili prosecuted. He didn’t say that in an interview to the Russian edition «New newspaper» which was given on January 24, last year, wrote to Lysenko in Facebook.

AP representative on the ATO noted that the publication appeared before the international security conference in Munich, «where the question of countering the Russian aggression against Ukraine is in the first place».

«Probably, not casually the Russian propagandists on the eve of such an important event used what was left from the interview, to create and introduce discord in the Ukrainian high-ranking officials», — said Lysenko.

«In particular, in the spirit Khustskyj times in parallel to interview someone deliberately launched the «duck» about the alleged criminal case against the Governor of the Region Mihail Saakashvili, I never said that!», — he assured.

Lysenko emphasized that Russia is spending on the propaganda big media – so we must be vigilant: «it has been estimated that the amount of Russian propaganda allocates for such information provocations – 2 billion dollars annually».

Earlier, the «Novaya Gazeta» distributed allegedly said Lysenko that Saakashvili after visiting the Odessa battalion «Storm» 14 January «leaked» to the Internet with advanced video cards, the faces of fighters, etc and supposedly this fact is already conducting an investigation.

The interior Ministry said that no case on Saakashvili didn’t get.

Lysenko: the Russian media had fabricated the case against Saakashvili 11.02.2016

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