Lysenko spoke about the impact of the Russian lobbyists in the West

European politicians are trying to equate the conflict in the Donbas Russian Federation and Ukraine, can be connected with the Russian business.

About it on air of TV channel «112 Ukraine» was declared by the speaker of the presidential Administration on issues of anti-terrorist operation Andrei Lysenko.

«This means that these policies might be linked to Russian business. That Russian lobby, which is openly funded by the Russian Federation, and it is not only in Europe, it is also observed in Asian markets, and even in the United States. We do not exclude that Russia will strengthen the influence of lobbyists, and some of the things they will continue to be strengthened, especially it will be noticeable during the preparation of elections in any country, because the Russians very clearly see and keep an eye on the domestic political situation in each country, they analyze the situation and even create new political parties on the territory of these countries,» he said.

Lysenko added that the situation «in Poland, Hungary, in Germany there are some MPs who are openly lobbying for Russian interests, including in France».

Previously Vice-President of the European Parliament Ryszard Czarnecki said that the EU’s growing activity of Pro-Russian forces. In his opinion, the EU should speak about Russia the voice of «Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe» and oppose the Pro-Russian lobby, which «is very active not only in business, but even in the official EU structures».

Lysenko spoke about the impact of the Russian lobbyists in the West 26.02.2016

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