Lyashko continues to demand the dismissal of CEC members and young sudda KSU

The leader of the faction of the Radical party Oleg Lyashko insists on the necessity of changes in the composition of the Central election Commission and dismissal of the judges of the constitutional Court who took the decision to return to the Constitution 1996. About it today, 1 February, he said during the conciliation Council of the heads of factions and parliamentary committees, UNIAN reports.

«I asked why is still working CEC? How many more years should work of the CEC? I have a question for the representatives of the parliamentary majority: the law, the CEC must work seven years, they are already the ninth year working. You promised to elections to other, third them to dissolve. When you dismiss them?», the Deputy said.

In addition, Lyashko noted that «six constitutional Court judges who «raped» in 2010 the Constitution in favor of Yanukovych, they instead sit in jail today, continues to send so-called «constitutional justice».

We will remind, in June 2015, a year after the expiration of the term of office of 12 of the 15 members of the Central election Commission, who were appointed in 2007.

The appointment of new members of the CEC submits to the Parliament by the President after consultations with factions and discussion of their proposals.

The factions and Deputy groups of the Parliament last year submitted their candidates to the CEC.

30 September 2010 the constitutional Court rescinded the constitutional reform of 2004, restoring force of the provisions of the Basic Law, adopted by Parliament in 1996. Thus, Ukraine returned to the presidential-parliamentary form of government. Politicians and public activists have repeatedly demanded the dismissal and punishment of judges of the constitutional court who took the decision.

Lyashko continues to demand the dismissal of CEC members and young sudda KSU 01.02.2016

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