Lyashko asked to deprive Tymoshenko Ukrainian citizenship: I am very angry at Julia

The leader of «Radical party» Oleg Lyashko asks President Peter Poroshenko to deprive the leader of «Batkivshchyna» Yulia Tymoshenko Ukrainian citizenship. He said this to journalists in the Verkhovna Rada.

«I am very angry. I am very angry at Julia. This cuckoo, dressed in Ukrainian embroidery, tried someone else’s hands to realize Putin’s Kremlin takeover of power (in Ukraine – ed.). My anger has no limits,» – said Lyashko.

«I took the cuckoo Moscow, used grandfather (Yuriy Shukhevych – ed.), the hero, a political prisoner, the Kremlin in their dirty games,» he said.

«I therefore appeal to the President Poroshenko to deprive Tymoshenko Ukrainian citizenship for anti-state activities. She let Putin give the Russian citizenship. She deserved it – along with Russian citizenship the title of hero of Russia for Subversion that Moscow cuckoo conducting in Ukraine», – said Lyashko.

According to him, Tymoshenko was able to propose the impeachment of the President: «You’re a hero, you want the resignation of Peter – come out to the podium and tell him I want the resignation of Poroshenko. What are you doing in front of a grandfather shove, Fox, Bing? What are you doing? My deputies to use in the Kremlin games! I have to Unscrew the head of any who are ruining the country».

«Tymoshenko agreed with Putin. These profursetki «interesnee» – strikers, Levochkina, Medvedchuk – twist the cuckoo every day, in the morning, and all Russian TV channels. Because she wants power – he wants power at the cost of destroying the country, its collapse,» – said the leader of the «radicals».

«She doesn’t like Peter? He likes me even less than she did. Because she was with him, not just agreed. And I’m with him about anything never agreed. I also don’t like it, but I’m not going to destroy the country», he added.

«And the one who negotiates with the Kremlin devils in order to gain power in the country, you think, stupid: what do you get it – on the ruins of Ukraine? We have already lost the Donbass and the Crimea. Tomorrow after the implementation of the Moscow script the Romanians will take Chernivtsi, Hungary Transcarpathia will take… Where it will be Kharkov, where is Odessa? Where will you be hosting? Brain-dead all in the lust for power,» said Lyashko

«And for the sake of power agrees with Putin? Godfather Putin is using his friend’s old Medvedchuk? And my Deputy Shukhevych in the slaughterhouse – the slaughterhouse Moscow, and then another, and Bang wanted» – he was indignant.

«Therefore, I demand from Poroshenko President to deny Tymoshenko the Ukrainian citizenship and to send to Russia. Its there to look forward to – and for gas, and everything else,» – said Lyashko.

According to the law «On citizenship of Ukraine», the output from citizenship of Ukraine is carried out at the request of the man himself. Among the grounds for loss of citizenship no anti-state and subversive activities. Citizen can get rid of the Motherland.

Lyashko asked to deprive Tymoshenko Ukrainian citizenship: I am very angry at Julia 17.11.2016

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