«Lvovholod» has received a multimillion-dollar loan from the Bank in national currency

The European Bank for reconstruction and development granted the first loan in the Ukrainian currency. His user became a production and trading company «Lvovholod», represented in Western Ukraine by a network of 110 grocery self-service shops.

About it reports UKRINFORM.

«This is our first experience of financing in Ukrainian currency. Significant that he practiced in Lviv, with whom we already have very interesting projects such as the construction of the Beskydy tunnel, a wind farm in Sambor and others. These investments – the result of the systematic work of the regional authorities and entrepreneurs, as President of the «Lvovholod» Bohdan Kozak, who is taking care of their own business, thus to care about the future of the region,» said EBRD Director in Ukraine Sevki acuner.

According to him, the decisive criterion for the granting of investment was the prospect of creating «Lvovholod» more than a thousand new jobs and the implementation of energy efficient technologies and the development of a logistics centre.

The credit agreement concluded between the EBRD and «Lvovholod» envisages UAH 135 million loan for a period of 6 years. This amount will be used to create another 42 stores.

As noted at the signing ceremony of the loan agreement the head of Lviv regional administration Oleg sinyutka, support strategic projects in the Lviv region by the EBRD is a signal to other investors about the fact that in this region the favorable investment climate. Therefore, the queue – new funding and new projects, in particular, the use of biogas as source of alternative energy, development of a network of fiber-optic communication to the access to modern electronic service of the inhabitants of the most remote areas. The EBRD supports the Lviv region more than 100 companies. And it is not only investments, but also effective advice.

As previously reported, the EBRD supported the decision
Ukrainian government to nationalize Privat, and could get a stake in PrivatBank.

«Lvovholod» has received a multimillion-dollar loan from the Bank in national currency 22.01.2017

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