Lvov was the way Basil Slepak applause and knelt

In Lviv, the world-famous Opera singer Vasily Slepak, who died from a bullet of an enemy sniper in the last journey held a loud and long applause.

As reported by the ZIK-stream, in the morning at the Garrison Church of St. AP. Peter and Paul gathered thousands of citizens. After the service, when Basil brought out, people broke in applause and knelt. From the crowd also heard cries of «Glory to Ukraine!» and «Heroes do not die!». The last journey song of the Hero was held by the members of the choir «Dudaryk», the pupil of which was Basil.

The applause that the people of Lviv expressed gratitude and respect to the deceased singer, has not died down and after the hearse moved. Following car in a convoy, people went to cemeteries where buried volunteer soldiers.

Citizen of Lviv Vasyl Slipak 19 years and lived in France, he sang at the Paris Opera. But when war broke out in the Donbass, returned home. With the call «Myth» fought in the 7th battalion of the Ukrainian volunteer corps.

Basil died on the morning of June 29, near the village of Lugansk Bakhmut district, Donetsk region. In it was a sniper.

President Petro Poroshenko posthumously celebrated warrior of the order «For courage» of I degree.

Lvov was the way Basil Slepak applause and knelt 01.07.2016

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