Lviv regional Council promises to restore the memorial poles in Huta penyatskoy

From the headstones that vandals painted on the monument to the poles in Huta penyatskoy already washed labels, the question of further reconstruction of the monument will be decided by the deputies of the Lviv regional Council at the next session.

That said, having been committed vandalism, Deputy Chairman of the Lviv regional Council Volodymyr Hirniak, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The version that the grave of the poles destroyed by local residents, does not hold water. Did certain forces who do not want the Ukrainian-Polish understanding. At the next Council meeting, a decision will be made regarding the vandalism and restore the monument in Huta penyatskoy. Together with the Polish side will work on the mechanism of restoration of the monument,» said Hirniak.

Deputy Chairman of the regional Council is not sure it will be done before February 28 — the anniversary of the tragedy, when to honor victims of the mass destruction of the inhabitants of Huta penyatskoy here traditionally attracts relatives of the victims from Ukraine and Poland. However, he said that we should take care about Ukrainian monuments, destroyed in Poland. In their destruction through the same handwriting.

As reported, in the village of Huta penyatskaya Brody district, Lviv region on the eve of the unknown damaged a monument with the names of poles murdered in 1944 by the Nazis for the support of the Polish self-defence and Soviet partisans. Then killed more than 800 people, including women and children.

Lviv regional Council promises to restore the memorial poles in Huta penyatskoy 12.01.2017

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