Lutsenko told, who first opened fire in Knyazhychi

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko stated that during the tragedy in Prince opened fire employee of the State security service, making the shot into the air, reports TSN.

«What we see in the video, the first shot the employee of public service of protection which was behind a stone wall on the future place of the shooting», — he said.

According to the public Prosecutor, then shots began firing between police officers from different units.

Lutsenko also confirmed earlier sounded information that the employees of one of divisions robbed the house after the robbers. He said that employees of GSO could bear from the house of elite alcohol.

We will remind, in the night of December 4 in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region Brovary district, Kyiv region during a special operation in the exchange of fire between the police and civil service protection, which were to detain an armed gang killed 5 police officers.

The three suspects in the robbery, which was preparing to catch «on hot», the police detained while fleeing from the Prince in Kiev.

The investigation into the shooting, which killed security officers, conducted by the Prosecutor’s office.

Subsequently, the police called the names of the dead: Vitaly Valetsky, Julian Rud’ko, Alexander Manica, Eugene Kurtev, Sergey Orlov.

The Prosecutor General’s office suspects the negligence of the leaders of a police RAID on the Prince.

January 18, Deputy head of the National police of Ukraine Alexander Vakulenko said that an internal investigation of the incident in the Prince completed the punishment they received 20 people.

Lutsenko told, who first opened fire in Knyazhychi 30.01.2017

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