Lutsenko told about the claims of the GPU to the garden

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko emphasized that the searches, provedennye the General Prosecutor’s office of Lviv city Council, sanctioned and justified. About this Lutsenko wrote in his Facebook.

«I read the indignation of Mr. Garden. Like, prevent to attract investors. Answer: to attract investors, and legal to promote it by a smaller price of land, it was necessary to submit to the city Council a proposal to reduce the price. Because the city Council, not a Garden may change their decision from December 25, 2014 base average price per square meter of land in the city the size of 423 UAH», — said Lutsenko.

According to him, from the seized documents of the GPU shows that in September 2015 the Lviv city Council, one of the entities was provided in rent the land plot of 23 hectares, the normative monetary valuation of which amounted to 140 million hryvnia. After 3 months (in December of the same year) the land and signed by the Chairman of the Council has sold at a price of 52 million UAH, which is UAH 88 million less than its valuation.

«The surface area of alienated land (23 hectares), its cost must be more than 97 million UAH», — said the Prosecutor General.

He added that investigative actions in this «land» the case continues.

Recall that in the Lviv city Council November 15, searches were carried out.GORODSKOI head of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, outraged by the actions of the Prosecutor General, accused her that it is their actions discourages foreign investors from Ukraine.

Lutsenko told about the claims of the GPU to the garden 16.11.2016

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