Lutsenko said, when the trial will start in absentia to judge Yanukovych.

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko admits that in the first quarter of 2017, the Ukrainian court will judge in absentia the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych of treason. He said this in the program «Right to rule» on the TV channel «1+1».

«This case is most promising, it will be a small number of documents .. the Case of high treason Yanukovych will soon get some important investigative actions and perekvalifitsiruetsya in the indictment, which will awarded in absentia Yanukovych and his protection,» he said.

«Yanukovych is accused of treason in the same criminal proceedings in which the military Prosecutor’s office suspects Russian defense Minister Shoigu and 20 generals of the Russian armed forces in waging aggressive war, which hurt the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine», — said the Prosecutor General.

«Yanukovych himself has signed the letter with a request to enter the territory of our country, the contingent of the Russian armed forces, as announced by Russia’s envoy to UN Churkin to the whole world. Now we get the transcript with the UN, we receive the testimony of witnesses reading this letter and this completed dealing with suspicions go into the charges. If the case is not more than 10-20 volumes, I think it would be something like, in the first quarter (of next year — ed) the Ukrainian court in the manner prescribed by law courts will be able to proceed to the consideration of this case,» — said Lutsenko.

Lutsenko said, when the trial will start in absentia to judge Yanukovych. 02.12.2016

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