Lutsenko said that peace is the verification of their Declaration

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that is not a defendant in criminal proceedings, to verify the statements of the MP from the Radical party of Oleh Liashko on not mentioned in the Declaration the property is the head of the GPU is quiet. About this he told reporters on the sidelines of the Parliament, reports the correspondent of the edition «GORDON».

«Against me in any cases not opened yet. Open for facts who voiced Mr. Lyashko. I understand the reason for this activity Lyashko, he knows that the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and the National anti-corruption Bureau is now checking the data his e-Declaration. So all this hysteria is arranged in the case of his fellow party member Andrei Lozovoy, is just a pre-emptive preparation for the defense,» – said Lutsenko.

According to him, politicians are trying to pressure him.

«I’m quite persistent, no pressure not afraid. Are easy to check any facts that concern me. I reported on conflict of interest, so generally have no access to the materials of the case», – said the head of the GPU.

On 12 July, the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office launched an investigation into the statements of the leader of Radical party Oleg Lyashko regarding two facts of possible violations: false information in the Declaration Lutsenko and abuse of office when changes are made to the legislation during his appointment as attorney General.

On July 11 between Minister Lutsenko was a conflict during the consideration of the Parliament of the performance of the GPU on deprivation of Deputy immunity Lozovoy.

Lutsenko said that peace is the verification of their Declaration 13.07.2017

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