Lutsenko said that one of the deputies appeared in the case of major embezzlement of funds

The plea, which went a suspect in the embezzlement of public funds by the former Deputy head of NAK «Naftogaz Ukraine» Alexander Katsuba, allowed to reach the organizers of the criminal group, which caused large losses to the state. About it in interview to «5 channel» said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko.

«In this rather large text of the agreement he (Katsuba. – «GORDON»), as it should be according to the law, gave him the facts known about the leadership of an organized criminal group, which plundered state funds in especially large amounts during the purchase of oil derricks,» he says.

According to Lutsenko, the consequence, according to these readings, as for the current MP. His name the public Prosecutor did not name.

«When it (the result. – «GORDON») is completed – I will come to the Verkhovna Rada. Do they plan to do in the fall,» he said.

Alexander Katsuba was detained June 17, 2016, on suspicion of forming a criminal organisation and embezzlement of property by abuse of official position. The next day Goloseevsky regional court of the capital arrested him with the opportunity to make bail in the amount of 450 million UAH.

According to investigators, Katsuba, Jr. helped the company of the Ukrainian businessman Sergey Kurchenko «Gas Ukraine 2020» to steal from the state holding the gasoline at 500 million.

21 December 2016, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko reported that Katsuba has agreed to cooperate with investigators and to testify in the case of embezzlement of public funds.

14 Mar 2017 Lutsenko on air of the channel ZIK said Katsuba testified against members of an organized criminal group, a member of which was himself. Also, according to Lutsenko, he compensated for the state UAH 100 million.

March 15, the GPU was informed that Katsuba made a deal with the investigation, paid UAH 100 million and came out of jail Lukyanovka Kiev.

Lutsenko said that one of the deputies appeared in the case of major embezzlement of funds 06.07.2017

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